Who we are

Anavio Capital Partners LLP (“Anavio”) is a London based asset management company that employs an event-driven strategy with a capital structure approach.

Anavio is experienced in Equity Capital Markets deals.  Through unique European and Asian exposures we target uncorrelated returns to deliver long term value for our investors.

Anavio has been established by Daniel Horsley and Dario Sacchetti.

The firm started managing money in September 2015.

The Anavio name

Anavio was one of the earlier forts built in Britannia by the Romans in A.D. 73 during the governorship of Agricola.  Anavio stood at the conjunction of three main Roman roads and it became part of a line of forts in the region, including one at Templeborough, east of Sheffield, and an earlier fort at Chesterfield dating back to Nero.

The name translates as “on the river”. The fort was built in a commanding position to take advantage of the Rivers Bradwell, now just a stream, and Noe.

For a hundred years the fort was on the northernmost edge of the Roman Empire before expansion moved that line to Northumberland and then into the lowlands of Scotland.